Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inzaption Photos?

Inzaption Photos was started by Phil Weinzapfel (me!) in the summer of 2021 to primarily provide race photography services. I've been running since 2009 and have completed many races over the years - from 5Ks to ultramarathons.

I strive to deliver high quality photos that participants will be happy to receive while also making it super duper easy for them to find and browse the photos.

Feel free to contact with any questions, comments, or if you need

How do I download my images?

To download an image, click the Download Button (down arrow) next to the image if it's available!

Screenshotting on a tablet/phone or using "Save Image" via a right click menu will result in much lower quality. The photographer is sad when you do this because you're obtaining subpar quality when a much higher resolution is available to you for free! So please use the Download Button to obtain the highest image resolution available to you.

The figure below should better illustrate:

What is "personal use"?

You're free to download and use the images for personal use. Personal use would include things such as:

   - Manipulating the image as you wish - cropping to your liking or applying some snazzy filters.

   - Printing to display in your home or office.

   - Uploading to your personal social media pages to show your friends how sweet your race photos are. Giving credit is appreciated but not necessary.

Essentially you're free to do whatever you'd like with the images so long as there is not a financial motivation or benefit for yourself or business. Please contact if there are other desired uses (commercial, media, etc.).

Why do you shoot some races for free?

I want to. I enjoy giving back to the running community by offering the runners high quality photos that they might not receive very often.

I spend a fair bit of time planning, shooting, and post-processing the photos. If you really like the photos I've captured of you and want to say thanks by donating, go for it. Donations are not necessary but are always greatly appreciated!

How can I get better running photos of myself?

After taking thousands upon thousands of running photos over the years, I can offer a few quick tips:  

If going for a more serious look:

   - Relax your face.

   - Relax your shoulders.

   - Look ahead...preferably more than 5 feet in front of you.

   - It doesn't hurt to open up your stride and pick up the pace a bit.

If going for a more fun look:

   -  Smile!

   - Maintain eye contact with the camera for several seconds at least. It's all too easy and common to make a quick glance at the camera and then look at the ground.

   - Big smiles, thumbs up, arms in the air, flexing, fist pumping, etc. will all grab the attention of the photographer and result in more images.

   - If doing something extra (e.g. jumping), try grabbing the attention of the photographer and giving a quick countdown (3...2...1...) to ensure your epic moves are captured.

General Tips:

   - Avoid being behind others in a large group.

   - In general, be closer to the photographer. If the photographer is on the left side of the road, be on the left side of the road. When in doubt, run down the center of the road or path.

Finish Line Tips:

   - Avoid hugging the side of the road or barricades. Similar to above, run down the center of the finish chute.

   - Run through the finish line and past the photographer(s) before looking down to stop your watch. Your Strava data won't mind a couple extra seconds. :)

Who made your logo?

Ashley Seyffarth! I can highly recommend her for any of your graphic design needs: