Race Photography Services

Inzaption Photos is able to offer photography services - primarily in the form of race photography for Evansville, IN and the surrounding Indiana, Kentucky, & Illinois regions.

Inzaption Photos has 10+ years of race photography experience. A hobby that has slowly evolved over the years into sufficient competency to provide marketable race photography services.

Primary services include road racing (e.g. 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, & Marathon), trail running, ultramarathons, cross country, obstacle courses, and triathlons.

Why participants will like Inzaption Photos:

- Photos are made available to the participants for FREE. No limitations or additional costs to participants.

- High quality and high resolution photos - plenty for large prints if desired.

- Curation and post-processing of all images.

- BIB tagging and searching to help participants find their photos quickly. Manual BIB tagging in addition to automation to ensure participants see all of their photos.

- Free image hosting that won't expire - participants will be able to view their photos months and years later.

- Photos that participants will be happy to receive.

Why Race Directors will like Inzaption Photos:

- Market and promote your race offering FREE photos - participants like that.

- Capture 99%+ of participants - generally 100%.

- Can provide recommendations on photo locations for your course to maximize the participant photos.

- Ability to include one or two unobtrusive watermarks in the bottom corners of all the race photos. This would typically include the race/event logo and/or a race photo sponsor. The graphic files are provided by the Race Organization/Director.

- Smaller social media friendly (e.g. Facebook) versions can be made available to race directors for marketing and promotional purposes on their social media pages.

Why you should NOT choose Inzaption Photos:

- You require numerous photo locations and photographers on course. At this time, reliable additional photographers have not been established.

- Summer 2022 update:  Additional photographers have been procured to be able to provide more coverage of your race if desired.


The pricing depends on a number of factors:

- Number of participants (primary factor).

- Number of photographers (primary factor).

- Length of race and number of photo locations.

- Location of race - Influences any travel related expenses.

In general and for transparency, pricing may be on the order of $2.50 - $7.50 per participant.


Feel free to contact for more information or a proposal.